Aavya is a digital marketing agency that connects innovation with expertise to de-risk your investments and uncover critical trends with stunning accuracy.

What if mitigating investment risk was easy? We provide the tools.

Picking a “winner” for your next acquisition is no easy task. We leverage machine learning to find companies that will be profitable and spot critical opportunity gaps with amazing accuracy.

We eliminate the guesswork and uncertainty with nova, a proprietary technology that analyzes business growth opportunities, builds a plan to execute on them and accurately tracks progress and results. The best part? nova gets smarter over time.

Appraisal for your review.

View our findings and customized roadmap for your business before a contract is signed.

Private equity-specific experts.

The private equity industry is unique, which is why we have a dedicated team that understands the metrics, trends and specific challenges that matter most to your business.

Growth Solutions for Current/Post Private Equity & Venture Capital Investments


Appraisals of potential investments in LOI evaluating upside and execution feasibility on sales and marketing channels.


Brand Appraisals of current portfolio companies for marketing upside analysis.

First Look Analysis

Optimized for speed and quick decisions, these Appraisals of potential and current portfolio companies focus on leveraging qualitative analytics; “outside looking in.”

Transparent reporting.

See what marketing campaigns we’re running, and the results they’re getting, at any time through your customized dashboard.