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We break new markets, launch innovation, and kick open the doors of opportunity. Elevate your brand with a custom strategy, deep insight, and the expertise that takes ideas to the finish line.

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Full-Suite Marketing

Discover how our services have made an impact on brands of all sizes. Aavya not only focuses on explosive growth, but also we sustain your perch at the top of competitive markets.

“The results have been incredible. With Aavya, it feels like they’re in our trench, supporting and understanding us. They’re like a partner and mentor in helping us get where we want to be.”

Dylan Jacob, CEO

Powerful Tools for Efficient Funnels

Strike out your entire digital marketing to-do list, break through your growth plateau and see profound ROI with a single team of digital marketing specialists.

Your Ecommerce Growth Agency

Combine beautiful design with a seamless user experience to maximize results and keep customers coming back for more.

  • Custom Shopify App Development

  • Custom Shopify Theme Development

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

Lifecycle Marketing: Email, SMS, and More

Satisfaction is a long-term process for our lifecycle team; we're in the business of repeat customers. Re-engagement, re-targeting, and multiple-platform focus is a key component of our success. LTV is the true path to growth.

Cases from Aavya

BrüMate Achieves 800%+
YoY Growth

BrüMate needed a full overhaul. Existing funnels inherited from a prior contractor were average at best. We focused on a RFM model and custom-built creative to achieve unprecedented results.

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Acquisition Lift

Static Nails: The 3rd Fastest Growing Beauty Brand on Earth

The first sale is only the beginning. Customer Lifetime Value is one of the most critical pieces of any business.

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CTR Lift


YoY Revenue

Feat Clothing: Growth, at a comfortably uncomfortable pace.

Despite major headwinds from many copy-cat competitors, we scaled this brand to entirely new heights during the COVID crisis.

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YoY Growth



Audit your Brand. Take it to new heights.

  • Competitor Research

    Dominate SOV in competitive with the right, data-driven, research first approach. Create full-funnel strategies that give you the best possible outcome.

  • Unique Growth Plan

    Unique stories create compelling brands which equates into customer lifetime value. Bottom line, leverage the most out of your story. Allow us to take that magic narrative to the next level, where performance intersects with creative.

  • What we charge

    Depends on scope, services, and needs. We're flexible, and transparent, with our pricing. Pay a fraction of the cost of an in-house team (yet with the experience of a seasoned one). And, you own your creatives. We don't believe in golden-handcuffs.