Traditional Paid Social: Facebook
& Instagram

Aavya ensures your digital goals are met time and again. We create calculated and transparent strategies to help our clients scale in a sustainable manner

Does your brand leverage Facebook data to create a revenue-generating advertising strategy? Transform big data into better decisions and customer experiences so you can increase your return on ad spend.

We approach the refinement of Facebook/Instagram marketing from all angles. ROAS is dependent on the analytics from your team, our team, and the combined campaign being accurate, and informed decisions being leveraged from it. We employ years of experience across e-commerce and lead generation to help save you time and money.

Premium Facebook Marketing Partner

Being a Facebook Partner Agency isn't just a notch in our belt. It means we have been recognized as a value-provider in the community of social media marketing and are willing to lay our brand on the line.

Persona-driven, ROI-first approach

We deliver ROI leaps to our client partners while decreasing cost-per-sale across other marketing channels. We specialize in targeting customer dialogues and split testing to keep your brand fresh. Ultimately, our goal is to drive more customers to your business than any other traffic source.

Deep understanding & connections within Facebook

We utilize comprehensive social media reporting and performance checkups to make sure your ad spend is truly at its leanest. Every dollar you can leverage from a campaign will increase volume in the future, and we're in the business of repeat success.

Leverage psychological drivers that push prospects to buy

Our case studies and brand personas are unique to every client. One-size-fits-all strategies are obsolete in the hyper competitive marketplace of social media.

Confidently run meaningful split testing to prioritize money making ads

It's not just enough to appraise a campaign at the end to see if the ROAs is right. We want to show you real-time how every campaign is producing and be willing to make bold decisions to improve content quickly.


Audit your Brand. Take it to new heights.

  • Competitor Research

    Dominate SOV in competitive with the right, data-driven, research first approach. Create full-funnel strategies that give you the best possible outcome.

  • Unique Growth Plan

    Unique stories create compelling brands which equates into customer lifetime value. Bottom line, leverage the most out of your story. Allow us to take that magic narrative to the next level, where performance intersects with creative.

  • What we charge

    Depends on scope, services, and needs. We're flexible, and transparent, with our pricing. Pay a fraction of the cost of an in-house team (yet with the experience of a seasoned one). And, you own your creatives. We don't believe in golden-handcuffs.